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Meet Megan

Certified Birth Doula 

My name is Megan Davey, hello, and welcome! I am a homeschooling mom of four with a passion and desire to educate and empower couples in the hopes to help them achieve a birth experience that enables them to transition into parenthood with confidence and excitement. I have been a certified birth doula through DONA international since 2014. With having four very different birth experiences of my own along with the unique experiences i've supported women in the community through, I feel confident that I can be an asset to your birth team.

What I Specialize In

Your birth experience matters to me! I love educating my clients so they learn to trust their body, surrender to the process and thrive at the end of it all.

Meg went above and beyond what I expected. I didn't realize before I got pregnant how many fears would surface. Meg was there to help me through every one. To empower me to make the choices I thought were best for me and my baby and to prepare me if things didn't go as planned. She was always there when I needed her and I needed her a lot. As it got closer to my birth she was my go to. Having four children of her own, she was a wealth of knowledge. During my birth, which didn't go as planned she was there every minute to support me- the whole 21 hours. It was like she read my mind. She knew exactly what I needed for comfort and supported my spouse also.

- Sandie Gascon

 After the traumatic birth of my second child, I swore I was done having children. When I found out I was expecting I felt the panic and fear set in fast. I felt trapped and terrified. Then by a stroke of luck or even fate, I got in touch with Meg. Her calm down to earth demeanour and her positivity immediately soothed me. Together we went through my entire pregnancy, she was always there for me and my husband. She helped me build myself up and go into my birth with confidence and ease (something I really didn't think was possible in the beginning). I could not be more thankful for my decision to hire this Doula. I loved giving birth to my son and it will forever be one of the proudest most fulfilling moments of my life

- Erin Baker

We're so lucky Meg was our Doula. The minute we met her, we knew she was a perfect match for us. We struggled with infertility for 10 years, when we found out we were pregnant we wanted to make sure we had a professional to help us through the pregnancy. She asked a lot of questions and put together a great birth plan bringing up small details you wouldn't even think of. She went above and beyond, which made our journey even more memorable. Her genuine caring and compassionate personality is what makes her so good. She made us feel at ease in the delivery room by knowing she was there every step of the way.

- Lisa Vänder Veur