Meet Megan

Certified Birth Doula - Wife - Mom of 4

Hello, congratulations and welcome! 

My name is Megan Davey and i'm the owner/ founder of Sudbury doula services here in Sudbury Ontario. I have been married to my husband for 9 years now and on our journey we have welcomed together 4 amazing children. The birth of our kids were all extremely different from one another. I've experienced a Caesarian birth, an assisted delivery with forceps, a straight forward medicated hospital birth and a home water birth. To say that all of these experiences helped form me would be a huge understatement! I started my journey of becoming a doula after our first child was born and it is safe to say I have not stopped learning and growing since! 

My passion is to educate families and help prepare them for the birth of their child as well as help them to feel empowered in the process! Birth is an incredibly intimate moment, it is life changing - as it should be. However I believe that it is important for those involved  to feel like they are making educated decisions so they feel they have been actively involved in each step! When you welcome a baby earth side, whether it is your first or your 5th, you are also evolving. Your support, preparedness, education and confidence all matter equally to insure you can look back and know you were actively involved in the decision making surrounding the birth of your child.

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