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Our Doulas 

Making sure you get the support you deserve is very important to us, that is why all doulas at Sudbury doula services are trained and certified through DONA International.

Our Vision

At Sudbury Doula Services, we believe that birth is a natural process. While there are aspects of birth that can be intimidating, we believe that an understanding of the birth process and proper support are key to reducing anxiety throughout your pregnancy, labour, delivery, and postpartum period.

Through the power of informed choice, we assist you and your family to formulate a plan for your ideal birth.

Of course, birth is unpredictable. With this in mind, we talk you through many options and possibilities to create a back up plan that everyone is comfortable with.

We support every type of birth from natural to medicated, vaginal to Cesarean, and home to hospital.

Megan Davey CD(DONA)

Owner & Founder. Certified Birth Doula

Megan founded Sudbury Doula services in 2014 after she completed her certification process through DONA international. Her passion for the field can not be missed as she sets out to educate her clients on the birthing process so they can feel empowered every step of the way. 

With four kids of her own, Megan has experienced three induced labours; a Caesarian birth,  a medicated and medically assisted delivery (her first VBAC -Vaginal birth after Caesarian), a straight forward medicated hospital delivery (her second VBAC), and a natural home water birth with her fourth (Third VBAC). Megan knows first hand how unpredictable the birth experience can be and wants to support you no matter what path labour takes you on. 

Emily Lamb CD(DONA) 

Certified Birth Doula. Certified Birth Photographer


Emily finished her certification process in 2017 with DONA International and has been supporting families ever since! Her love for photography has inspired her to also branch out and open her own business: Lotus & Lamb Photography. Find out more about that here

With having two kids of her own and two very different induced labours, Emily brings her own great experiences with those curve balls birth can sometimes throw at you!

Amanda Beckerleg

Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Amanda is DONA trained as of 2018. She is extremely excited to be joining Sudbury Doula Services as a birth doula and also is the one working behind the scenes doing our encapsulations! Welcome Amanda!

Amanda also has two kids of her own and has her two different birth experiences to reflect on when she is supporting families. She has experienced both a hospital birth and  a home birth. 

Between the three of us, we have 8 beautiful children, and not one birth experience was similar! This gives us a great advantage and an inside view of the variations of normal deliveries. 

A word from our clients
Truly the best experience. I found Sudbury Doula Services when I unexpectedly found out we were expecting our third child. After the traumatic birth of my second child, I swore I was done having children. When I found out I was expecting I felt the panic and fear set in fast. I felt trapped and terrified. Then by a stroke of luck or even fate, I got in touch with Meg from Sudbury Doula Services. Her calm down to earth demeanor and her positivity immediately soothed me. Together we went through my entire pregnancy, she was always there for me and my husband. She helped me build myself up and go into my birth with confidence and ease (something I really didn't think was possible in the beginning). I could not be more thankful for my decision to hire this Doula. I loved giving birth to my son and it will forever be one of the proudest most fulfilling moments of my life
- Erin Baker