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Celebrating the Midwife: 10 Reasons to choose Midwifery Care

Today is International day of the Midwife and to celebrate, we're bringing you 10 reasons to choose midwifery care for your pregnancy!

No matter which care provider you choose to go with, you should always feel confident and comfortable with them. Today we're talking about the perks of midwifery care you may be unaware of!

1. No Extra Costs

First and foremost, they are covered by OHIP. Of course, OBs are as well here in Ontario, however many people are unaware that there are no extra costs associated with having a midwife as your primary care provider so I felt this was necessary to acknowledge.

2. Building a Quality Relationship

Throughout your pregnancy, you will have many appointments to get to know your midwifery team. Appointments are half an hour in length which gives you plenty of time to ask any questions and build a connection with your team.

3. The Team

You will be cared for by a team of 2-3 midwives which guarantees you will have a familiar face with you for your delivery. Having a care provider you have never seen before can cause a lot of anxiety for a woman in labour. Having a team of midwives ensures you won't experience such anxiety.

4. 24/7 Access

At your first visit, you're given an emergency pager number that you can call anytime, day or night, if you have an emergent concern regarding your pregnancy. The on call midwife from your team will return your call as soon as possible to answer your questions and advise you on what to do next. This avoids long waits at the ER for something that may not require going to the hospital.

5. Informed Choice

Midwives provide you with your options and give you the ability to make an informed choice. They don't make decisions for you and will give you their unbiased opinion to ensure you are coming to any decisions on your own, This is incredibly empowering to the families as you truly feel that you're the one making the decisions regarding your baby.

6. In and Out of Hospital Births

Whether you imagine having your baby in or out of the hospital, a midwife can be there! You have the option of the Hospital, your home, or the birth centre. Sudbury Community Midwifery is home to a beautiful birthing centre fully equipped with a large birthing tub and stand up shower just minutes from the Hospital.

7. Less Medical Intervention

Midwives generally try to avoid medical interventions as much as possible. Of course, sometimes interventions can not be prevented, but the midwifery model of care is proven all around to reduce the likelihood of interventions being used.

8. Early Discharge

Under the care of a midwife, you maybe be able to leave the hospital as soon as 3 hours after the birth of your baby! This is a huge bonus for families that just want to get home to enjoy their newborn, or for parents with older children that they want to get home to as fast as possible.

9. Home Visits

Midwives come to you! After your baby is born, midwives will come to your home for visits on day 1, day 3, and day 5 to ensure that you're all adjusting well. It is extremely convenient that you won't have to bring your newborn out to the office until they are two weeks old.

10. Client Reunions

Many clients build a wonderful relationship with their midwives throughout their pregnancy and it can be very emotional saying goodbye at that final 6 week appointment. Luckily, Sudbury Community Midwifery hosts an Annual Client Reunion so you can keep in touch and they get to see your little ones grow.

There are infinite benefits to choosing a midwife as your primary care provider. Midwives are incredibly caring and passionate and become such a key part of your birth story. I can't recommend them enough. It has been an absolute pleasure to work as a doula alongside these women and I continue to look forward to seeing them at births in the future. They are truly wonderful.

Happy International Day of the Midwife, midwives! Thank you for all that you do for this community!