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My Birth experience was...Graphic

When one thinks of telling a birth story you would think that it would be hard to choose which birth to speak on especially having gone through it three times. But for me you see, all my births went pretty much exactly the same way (except some aspects). Induction, breaking water, epidural, the drip, and delivery.

So I've decided to tell the story about my first born because that's the most mysterious having it be the first time and you don't really know what to expect. So I don't know about you guys but the thought of being a mom for the first time is scary! That's probably why when I was 2 weeks overdue, I didn't particularly mind. I was definitely freaking out, I mean who wants to have the possibility of pooping yourself in front of a bunch of strangers? I didn't really have a birth plan either. All I knew was that i didn’t want the epidural. So much so that my midwives and I didn't even discuss it. I think that was mostly because I knew if I had done any research I would have been ever more nervous. I guess you could say I'm more of a walk in to something blind kind of girl. That way I haven't gone through all the cons and psyched myself out. I mean you can read all the books, watch all the videos but its totally different when its your body. After all that, it seemed quite fitting that I would go on to have 3 epidurals. Never say never!

My contractions started in the night, waking me from my sleep. I crept downstairs and proceeded to sit on the couch in a siting up fetal position, because it hurt to be on my back. I finally called my midwife in the early morning. She could tell by my breathing on the phone that I should come in to get checked. Once we arrived she checked me which in itself is pretty painful. Sadly I was only 4cm. Yet off to the hospital we went but not before picking up some snacks/gatorade and heading for a quick car wash. I mean it was right beside the hospital so what's the harm?

Then it as time to get down to business my water was broken and I have to say I was somewhat disappointed as hardly anything came out. Nothing like you see in the movies! Unfortunately breaking my water did nothing. As discouraging as this was I knew things wouldn't stay this way so I remained calm and positive. I mean this baby was coming out eventually. Fast forward to a “pep talk” from one of the OB's on call who promptly suggested a C-Section for my “big” baby. (ladies you know who I'm talking about) I got scared and opted for an epidural as I figured I'd end up needing one anyway.

Once I got the epidural (which wasn't as bad as my childhood nightmares) I was able to relax! I'm not going to lie this part was great, especially after being up all night and day with contractions. I must admit I did press that button at least once. I was put on the drip once the epidural had time to work its magic. The drip doesn't mess around. It gets things going, Before long I finally felt some pressure. This was it, time to push, I was so frozen that I couldn't feel anything and therefore was pushing completely wrong. Which became painfully obvious the next morning when it looked like someone had punched me in the face. Also, I just wasn't progressing, I had been at this for 2hrs. And if I herd someone say “I see the head” one more time... So ladies this is where it gets graphic. You know when the nurses/midwives are trying to motivate you and ask “do you want me to bring the mirror over so you can see?” Well I made the mistake of saying yes. And what I saw I can never unsee. I assume it was because it was my first time and my body had never done this before but my “area” looked like something from a sci-fi movie. I could not believe what was happening down there. Why was it so swollen? How could a baby ever fit through all that chaos? Unfortunately for me I was about to find out. The Dr. Performed an episiotomy, that quickly covered the room a nice red. Bright side, I didn't feel a thing! After that the suction was used and poof out she came! In all her glory. My “big” baby weighing 7.5lbs. No such feeling like that of bringing life into the world. Dad quickly cut the cord. Then she was whisked away as she had swallowed some meconium. She spent the next 24hrs in the ICU. When the time came to dress her little body and take her home I have never been more scared or excited.

As they wheeled my to the recovery room after delivery, I definitely said “I can't wait to do this again!” And I did two more times! Let's just take a minute to acknowledge how badass women's bodies are. We are pure magic and I for one am truly proud to be have been made a mom.