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The first baby who entered our family.

As the 6th birthday of my first son quickly approaches this month, I reminisce on the fact that it was a first for many. Not only was Calvin our first child but he was also the first grandchild and first nephew on both sides of the family, so his birth was very special for many.

I chose to go with a midwife and was glad I did as I had a very good relationship with both my midwives and appreciated the attention given as questions arose in this unfamiliar process. My pregnancy went very well with only mild discomfort near the end. The last couple months I did, however, have severe carpel tunnel in both hands, which forced the decision to go off work a month early being in the Administrative profession.

Little did I know that I would not have that whole month to relax and prepare. My first child decided he couldn’t wait and would grace us with his presence two weeks early. I remember going to bed quite early that night of September 17th and my husband crawling into bed shortly after midnight, not knowing he would get zero sleep that night. Minutes after he crawled into bed I heard a popping noise and a feeling like I wet the bed. I nudged my husband who had just fallen asleep, “I think my water just broke”. My brother and sister-in-law were staying with us at the time and I’m surprised they were not woken by the stomping back and forth down the hallway in a panic, husband with towel in hand. After timing contractions for about two hours they were getting close and we were preparing to meet the midwife at the hospital. As we went to leave I hollered out the window to my husband, “grab the car seat from the box in the garage” (We were not quite prepared for this moment to come so soon).

I had left a note on the counter for my brother so he would not worry in the morning, however, we were leaving the phone calls to the family until closer to the birth, knowing it could be several hours until the baby’s birth. Well a phone call was made to my mother upon reading the note and the news quickly spread. I love looking back at a picture of my entire family and close friends, a total of 10 people, waiting in the lobby of the hospital Tim Horton’s in anticipation during almost the entire birth. My brother in law and his wife had come from North Bay to await the birth as well. My parents parked their motorhome in the parking lot and were in it for the long haul. We had also kept his gender a surprise so the anticipation of a baby boy or girl made it that much more exiting.

The birthing process was a difficult one but my husband was immensely helpful in every way he could be, even holding my legs up when need be. I had a lot of back pain and took several hot showers as the water ran down my back for relief. The baby would be head down in the posterior position for quite some time with no relief. My husband would run down the hall to give updates to be relayed to the cheerleading team downstairs. The last update would be that Calvin Peter Solomon Marshall was born a healthy 7 pound 9 ounce baby boy at 5:30 am the early morning of September 19th, 2012 through natural vaginal birth.

It seemed not that long ago, but fast forwarding to our second son Teagan Irvin Gabrielle Marshall being born August 1st, 2016 weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs 15 ounces, and now having four other cousins Landon, Wesley, Denver and finally a baby girl Reya, we still remember Calvin as the first for many, and a wonderful big brother and older cousin.