Empowered Beginnings Course

This virtual program is an online course to help you prepare your mindset for your upcoming birth. This virtual option of prenatal education is so much more than just learning about the birth process.

Module 1 - Your pregnancy, your body, your preferences.

This module will start by going into detail about helping you choose the right care provider for your growing family. 

It will also help you to get a good understanding about the terminology that will be used during labour and delivery.

I discuss the emotional changes during pregnancy and postpartum and help to give some ideas around creating birth preferences for the upcoming arrival!

Module 2 - Preparing for labour

We cover a lot in this module:

- Misconceptions about birth

- Hormones and pain in labour 

- Birthing location and environment 
- The benefits of hydrotherapy 
- The stages of labour 
- Handling contractions
- Labour positions

.... and so much more! 

Module 3 - Having the right mindset for labour

In this module I help you to visualize yourself in the birth you want, go over emotions and their place in labour, I help you to make peace with the unknowns of labour  and more! 

Module 4 - Postpartum - The new Chapter

I finish up the course with the ability to address any trauma if there was any present, touching on emotional care during the postpartum period, how to handle visitors once baby is here and discovering your new life!